My son is going through exactly the same thing

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And that penultimate match is where we start with WWE Survivor Series’ worst booking decisions.Superstars the caliber of Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode were ready and waiting to take a positive step forward on a stage such a Survivor Series.Sure, WWE Creative gave each of its full time stars a brief moment to shine during the tag team elimination match. But those moments were short lived.Roode and Nakamura were quickly disposed of by Braun Strowman the only full time Superstar who was booked properly in the entire match. Joe and Balor were unceremoniously dispatched by Cena and Orton, two more aging Superstars who weren’t major factors in the match aside from eliminating two of the company’s top guys moving forward.Forbes’ Blake Oestiecher noted that there would be “no long term benefit in having Angle, Triple H or Shane [emerge] as a sole survivor.” On Sunday, all three were among the last four men standing in the main event.

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